We believe that the savings should pay for the solution. We structure our financing to do just that.

Smart City Infrastructure LLC (SCI) provides energy efficiency expertise, project management, and budget neutral financing for energy and water efficiency projects.

Do you feel that your company, city, school, or other entity does not have enough capital to take advantage of the amazing efficiency breakthroughs in lighting, HVAC, water heating, pumps, fans, and all the other systems that make your operations run?

Do you not have the wide ranging expertise that it takes to assess the savings possibilities in your operation?

Have you not yet converted all of your lighting to LEDs?

Are you a provider of great technology and expertise for saving energy, water, or other expensive resources?

  Let's Get Started!

  • Add profit to your bottom line
  • Equipment and financing is paid for through the savings
  • If you choose to wait, the cost of missed opportunity is very high
  • Increase the value of your real estate: Real Estate NOI boost from efficiency
  • Increase your tax ratables
  • You own the equipment after the short financing period
  • Zero upfront costs